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May 20, 2008
next to the soft bell. the smokers corner on radio eye was just an intro to #3... though a rather great one. fought global warming today, despite the heavy rain and despite the lack of taxis. the one that finally brought us across town was not at all happy that the fare was paid by credit card. we went back by subway. subways. it took several shuttles to find a place to even get in. tomorrow will be a day in the park. will need to brief the crew at 8am. hope to be back in brooklyn just in time for rush hour. will the clouds and light be as amazing as today? caton towers looked like urulu at 8pm today. i took pictures. 35mm pictures. it will take years for them to develop. slow photography. there is no urgency really. bypassing flickr right now somehow. am i lazy? or just sick of it? fought global warming today by leaving the lights on. wind power feeds them. i must create a greater need for it. odd logic. forgot the lights really. how did it turn late again? meditation is not about clearing the mind. it is about letting it become smoke. particles not ashamed to play weightless shapes supported by other, invisible ones. how many times can one awaken until one realizes that how many times can one awaken until one realizes that how many... a soft bell just rang here next to me.