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May 20, 2008
not so hungry now. does this explain why i ended up at sapporo after work last night and made it the beginning of an evening journey into a strange place that just spit me out into a 3am puddle of odd inner smiles? (if one would dare to call this that.) the party on saturday was a personal success somehow. not because it takes a fight to make a party a good one. there were no fights. it was more of a calm event on every level. more of the show and tell home edition it was supposed to be. a close circle of friends and coworkers showed up. we shared some thoughts and some polish drinks and food. there is not a sign of the event left, except for a new treasure chest in the freezer and that mysterious plant that arrived here with an orange ribbon around a wet terracotta pot. (thank you amy.) terracotta pots are probably the best for me. not glazed, they breathe with the plants, they are honest about minerals in the soil, they don't lie about the water level. some of the pots here are encrusted in salts by now. one or two are flaky messes bursting into their original shape, slowly but without a doubt. just as we have the feeling to drift towards a destination, so apparently do burned pieces of clay. and i am thinking beyond what aristotle had in mind. the brain might be a horrible mechanism to carry around in the skull, but it also allows solid ideas to perform the dance of awkward water. maybe cold honey. maybe sap on a bitten tree. the dance might be slow, but fast enough to trap a mosquito. so maybe the trip to sapporo had nothing to do with worried monkeys. maybe it was all just part of this very moment here at 3am, when it is quiet in a home that contains a lot of genuinely good energy. and in less than three hours the sun will come out from behind that horizon out there to confirm just that.