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January 29, 2008
old deer licking tea bubbles in a protected place. tea has been good to me lately. finely ground tips of fresh leaves grown in some very experienced soil in the depth of some Japanese plantations. first thing in the morning. then first thing after sunrise. more often on weekends. when left alone as a boy i would lick the little souvenir from the wieliczka salt mine, as if i were a young deer, lost in a forest. in some ways i was. now the tea comes out of the little aluminum can, onto the curved bamboo spoon (chashaku.) the first spoon is for the idea of tea. the second spoon is abundance. i used to sift the powder with a special metal spoon. now i just use gravity and time. vibrations. the water is pre boiled. i make it hot, yet leave it a liquid. the chasen whips the tea into a beverage that has managed to swallow enough air to hide its surface. brought some of the plants closer to the window this morning. it is winter here in new york. i have to give them the opportunity to see as much light as possible even now. the humidifier in the bedroom uses high frequency vibrations to turn a tiny stream of water into a myst that makes everything softer and closer to its original shape. have been listening to more podcasts on the train. scheherazade in the pocket, telling me about people around the world surviving on much less a day than it costs me to take the train into work. i speak in my sleep of pieces of work. not good. the tea is delicious though. and it is calming. and brings focus. and some good perspective.