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June 16, 2007
never really an idea. with an open window in front of me and a very hot laptop on my lap i am listening to some Shrivastav/Sabri, playing Raag-Bilas-Khani Todi Vilambit Gat In Teental and i have no idea what it means. though do i ever have an idea? probably not. the wine tastes like wet soil. and that's a wonderful thing. it really is. if only i could drink the earth. i would. the man who trains bonsai explained that amy's lime tree is not going to grow any fruit for another three to four years perhaps. we might maybe expect some flowers in two years. my jade plant is almost 10 years now. and she is more beautiful than ever. does she get the pleasure to drink soil? in tiny sips maybe? still afraid of moving. having brief glimpses at the book about haniva. what a day. what a day. well, night now. it was good to run into a table this morning. more fun tomorrow. hope the f will go express.