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June 05, 2007
a mix of a freshly ground day.dream after this freshly ground day, it might be a good idea to just listen to the cats having a tough time in the backyard here. funny, as i was writing this, there was a noise as if somebody were hitting a carpet against the side of a building. do people hit carpets until they let go of all their dust and hair? in that pre-vacuum time in poland, this is what people would do now and then. (wait... then. now?) a freshly ground day. brewed in a pretty solid way, dripped into a cup of what had to get done. only had tea today. the coffee was simply too much for me. the subtle anxiety was simply too much. especially at 3am. about an hour before i usually wake up. maybe. though i never know when i actually do. am i awake now? or am i only dreaming that i am? how can i possibly find out? i just pinched myself. i often pinch myself in my dreams. just to make sure that i am in control. a dream that is solid enough to survive a pinch is a seriously fun dream. it can be one that turns out to be one of those floating, meeting with the asleep sky kind of dreams. or what about that pigeon the other night. the one that just did not want to let go? miranda july apparently has a feature in domino. there is also a story in the summer fiction issue of the new yorker. (the one with the adrian tomine "city thrills" cover, a moment drawn from a place just blocks from where i spend my days. in fact a place i walked by twice today.) i have been measuring my subway trips for a few days now. i had no idea that it can take me longer to take the express train that it might take me to take the f. c to the f in the evenings seems to be the most efficient way to avoid tourists. there are always herds of tourists between me and my train. the little albrecht duerer garden on my fire escape is currently simply perfect. perhaps i could convince one of the squirrels to model as a hare? after a freshly ground day, it might be time to just get some rest. tomorrow we will spend at least 7 hours in rather solid meetings. it is going to be a tasty day. i can smell it. without even waking up.