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June 03, 2007
happy mondays on a sunday night. happy mondays on a sunday night. how many places on the web can i really feed in a way that keeps it all together? just one place would probably be best. perhaps right here would be the best place to store all of the tweets and voxes and facebooks and myplaces, all linkedin. hmm... it is part of my job to know all the places as good as i can though. and so i am spread in a very thin way across several slices of specialty toast. and there are only so many hours in a day. and minutes in an hour. and second in a minute. and then there is the rhythm of things. oh, the sacred rhythm. the one that is supposed to rule the crucial moments anyway. how many more life events could i have possibly packed into the summer of 2007? i will never know. the past tends to look perfect, only because it is the foundation of the present as we know it. happy mondays in a sunday night. and it might be a good time to just close my eyes and expose myself to the strange dreams mixed up by my mushed up brain. what is going to float into a new shape tonight? or should i just stay up and learn how to build a good database? happy mondays on a sunday night.