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April 22, 2007
always late, always early subway stations placed on hills look incredibly attractive now, and those in valleys lost all their luster. (if there is such a thing as luster to a new york subway station.) my left leg should have gotten much more workout than the left one, though actually it is the right leg that had to perform that one legged workout they never show on television. the weather turned into something of a soft pillow onto which all of us just fell on, backwards, our arms stretched out, giving in, completely. was it a waste of time to sleep for twelve hours last night? the week ahead is going to be one of the harsher ones. so all rest is necessary. good. important. will sleep with the windows open. fixing of the new mode of transportation and spring cleaning, act 7, will need to wait until probably wednesday. by then I really also hope to hear more from the legal team. twitterrific. boy, it is getting late.