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April 02, 2007
pop. (as in piles of paper) a bottleneck of a thought at the end of the day. robots invading the airwaves, as a second coming of a track. a black bear is looking at water. a plastic card painted gold blinks at me. there are six of my faces right here, looking at me. easter cards, printed in poland, sold in the us, ready to be sent back to poland. the robots are really getting a groove now. the windows across third street show very wealthy neighbors frolicking in front of their devices of pride: working fire places, entertaining screens, openings towards world wide webs. many. a had a flashback of something that never existed. (that's a quote.) i might be going to los angeles on thursday. for two days. i planted a few more clones of my jade tree. i just stuck them into soil. played with the soil. moved it around between my fingertips. healthy dirty dirt. the 12 year old wine is not half bad. only half empty. now at least. i taste the soil. the ball is in my court. what is happening with the moon? it looks like it is going to need to get back to orbit. heavy shiny moon. a bottleneck of a thought at the end of the day. piles of paper. pop.