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April 01, 2007
recycle and dye bag number three is almost full now. i can't believe how much paper makes it through my hands. i recycle very much, but still. i bet the paper is recycled by machines that burn a gallon of refined oil per kilogram of paper recycled. and recycled to what? starbucks cup holder trays? not sure if a magazine can become a tree again. or at least a weed? a mushroom maybe. will need to cancel some embarrassing subscriptions, remove myself from some dumb mailing lists. glad there is such a thing as wind powered computer that can be used to write, publish, play. there is probably more deadly heavy metal in the laptop in front of me than is needed to fill three bags of recyclables with magazines and invitation cards and strange letters from auction house managers. i also have enough drawing paper to survive a decade of shortage on the international pulp market. i wonder how much mercury i swallowed when i was a kid and played with the broken thermometer. they were such sweet little bubbly silver balls. heavy liquid mirror toy. bag number three is almost full. for this weekend it is.