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March 08, 2006
almost ready to fly now. (a very short entry.) one of those larger feathered friends with a red head and belly has been staring at me from across the back yard for maybe 10 minutes now. well, he probably has not been staring at me. I could imagine that he is interested in the feeders. there he is. still sitting there. He won. I have to leave now. Running out of time. It is a bad sign when a house finch can stay in one place longer than I. Today I am going to fly further though. The timing of the shoot in los angeles feels as if it were placed into the calendar by some sarcastic higher force. The large show of Amy Cutler's work opens at the IMA this friday. (Hmm, would have really loved to see that.) And then there are also the various Art Fairs I was looking forward to visiting. (maybe that higher force is not sarcastic but rather caring about my finances?) Maybe it is all good. Maybe it is much better to focus on work for a little while. Too much looking and seeing can lead to really deep bitterness and frustration. There is so much on my plate right now, I have no idea how I am even able to post anything here (like this little entry.) Okay, red throated bird is gone flying. I better pack now. My flight leaves town in just a few hours from now. Cheers.