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March 04, 2006
what will happen now? the driver made a very strange gesture when i thanked him for the ride he gave me from silvercup to home. because of a misunderstanding this particular ride ended up costing more than a flight to miami, including cars to airports. i think the issue will be resolved. somehow, somewhere. by then i will be back from some more trips and ups and downs and worked through weekends. because of the shoot gone quite well, I am not going to have to go back to the studio tomorrow, which means that i will not work this sunday, which means that i will finally have a day off after maybe a month or so. insanity. no wonder i did not manage to write anything here. by now the squirrel could have fallen off that feeder in that photograph in the post below. well, actually, some oil and some tape and plastic cups made me a temporary winner of the witold:squirrel challenge. wd40 apparently dissolves certain controlled substances and keeps squirrels away from luxurious bird feeders. nuts. i was supposed to go to los angeles on monday. now it is going to be wednesday. here and there it is work. the decision had something to do with the size of the fires burning (and a very smart grey cat called mona.) what am i going to do with myself? will i sleep all day tomorrow? will i draw up a storm? will i go out and buy some film and get to know my inner picture maker again? I will probably end up on the sofa, staring towards the television set i do not have and making guesses why america loves art so much when it happens to be a projection onto a screen that is called silver. for now i am drinking a screw driver. this does feel like a house improvement project and indeed, the home does look much better already, there is a smile on my face, i am writing an entry into this very open and yet also very hidden space. maybe i should write more in about 50 minutes from now. i hear this is when the tools of the trade really give me a good spin. i think i should do that. or at least try. see you later then, invisible observers. (some of you perhaps not even human.) cheers. and please no strange gestures. i am going to have nightmares about that.