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October 16, 2005
calm. a candle placed in the window gives the illusion of two candles burning in perfect symmetry. the sky is glowing into the dark pink clouds. a plane just flew perfectly over the right spot over the spire of the church out there behind the only lit window in the backyard. the tea is of the cheapest kind but when drunk from the right cup it feels like the most perfect combination of flavors. dust might go to dust, but ashes are often better turned into bone china for that matter. the cameras are now back in their glass case, resting and ready for the next big moment or a series of such. i have been trying to go to sleep for about three hours now. one can truly quench the thirst for happiness by paying attention to the tiny moments between the tiny moments. the lights are very dimmed now. the tea is of the very long brewed, calming kind. a far too short phone call ended up spinning around the quality of the connection over supposedly old wires. calm now. the air is cool and sweet. and the wind seems to be wild only in higher altitudes, pushing a cover of clouds eastwards. i wish i could crawl through old phone wires. maybe dressed in something funny. sporting animal ears and whiskers? i can't right now. tomorrow will be a monday of an intense week. going to the other room now, for s few hours between sheets. good night.