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October 16, 2005
fantastic fall. Connecticut muffin on 15th street felt as if it had been placed in a very different city maybe? The boots representing soldiers fallen in Irak were arranged in spooky rows and columns at the entrance to prospect park. My now clean windows have a new added personality: Some do not close, some close but develop an internal sweat which will certainly shape ice flowers once Brooklyn turns into a winter wonderland. I ate some rather unhealthy things today. I ate too many of them. My bags are still packed. The cameras are still wrapped in cloth. I dropped off almost 50 pounds of laundry at the Russian place, where the boss has finger nails that appear to be rudimentary bark gems. It is so very windy out, I am a bit confused and disoriented, I will step outside again, will take a look at the part of town I learned to miss very much in the last few weeks. I live here. I really do. I missed the birds too. They were there this morning. Mocking each other, supporting each other, out-singing each other in so many beautiful ways. The refrigerator compressor just shut up and i can hear the voices of children playing on third street. There, the wind again. Fantastic. Fall.