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April 10, 2005
a UFO on a sunny Sunday... So I left the house. I took some trains to the city and visited some places for the first time. Dahesh museum was a good place to visit for the first time. The current show, first seen is actually quite good. I am quite glad I went. In the IBM building also Tim Hwawkinson's ÜberOrgan.... I did not wait for it to make a sound. I had experienced that in a much smaller space a few years ago... I think. My mission was to go to the Japan Society to see Takashi Murakami's Little Boy show. I did not find the elephant, but the show was so darn good, that I spontaneously became a member of the place... I will come back... it is such a wickedly good little show. Since the Japan Society is just steps away from the UN, I decided to also visit this historically charged compound for the first time... I waited online for quite a while to get in, then took some pictures of people taking pictures, some pictures of pictures, some of Sputnik... I also discovered that what looks like a stone wall from the outside is actually steel and glass painted to look like stone... and as I was taking pictures of the UN flag... this is when I discovered the UFO... And no I do not think that there were aliens watching. But for me what I saw was definitely an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO... It looked like a tiny white arrow, really high in the very clear sky. It was just suspended there, pointing towards Long Island City, it seemed. I thought that it was most likely a kite... one on a really long line, a line maybe that reached all the way from across the east river. I thought that until the darn thing turned around... and I stopped thinking that completely when the thing began to move rather quickly, and deliberately towards South. It was pointing towards its own direction. It seemed to have a direction. It was not easy to spot. It was so incredibly tiny... because probably really high up. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was really difficult, as it was too tiny for the resolution of my camera monitor. I also tried to zoom in beyond the optical zoom of the camera, and this was when finding the little arrow in the sky became almost impossible. I somehow had to point into the approximate direction and then take a good guess and hope that something will come out. After taking the picture, I had to check if anything was there, recorded... and a few times there was. Somebody laughed at me today when seeing the pictures... surely I had photoshopped the whole thing. I really have not. It was a very strange experience... and I could not and did not really share with anybody around me... not with the Japanese tourists and not with the security guards... Okay, here are the pictures: also Here, on Flickr. also Here.