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April 10, 2005
ghmpf... managed to keep myself up long enough and intensely enough to be bitter and crumpled up this morning. I could either feel really bad about myself now, or go through the hundreds of pictures I uploaded for no apparent reason into the private layer of my Flickr gallery... (Most of them actually shown here before.) Or I could just grab a thing or two and get out of the house and take some random train to some random place and take some random pictures and come back and tell myself all about it ...and then... I sometimes feel like a dog chasing its own tale (and tail.) Don’t listen to me now please. I am an angry old man right now. Angry at myself for everything and nothing I do and I do not. I guess the do nots are more painful. And so I need to leave right now. (And the picture below is a repost from probably two years ago... ghmpf...)