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«The lush experience of preowned luxury as seen in the context of a garden state of mind, on a weekend bathed in a gilded kind of light. | Front | About three strange pieces of overheard conversation in three very different locations coming from very different directions and probably meaning something very similar? »

August 11, 2004
About contractions of the universe as we know it and about a wild rubber fish... toy. All of the pins have been removed from the wall. What remains are tiny holes leading to nowhere. The pet Orka is going to get a good scrub at home. The universe as we know it is contracting again, we will speed up processes and then reappear stronger and smarter on the other side of the warm warp door. Is this one of the original ideas of the universe in general? In order to survive, it has to change at all times. Expansion and contraction and some direction are the basic important states of things. A never ending transformation is on the way. Always, at all times, everywhere. The metal surface of my desk pretends to be made out of a giant slab of wood. The image is of wood, the texture is of polished stone, the temperature is clearly plastic coated metal. Orka has seen a lot. Orka will get to see more. Do you remember w-orka?... I think he is a workaholic. ; )