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«Two short glimpses towards the west. One with a loupe in the picture... (and some faint reflections of the inside projected towards the outside.) | Front | About contractions of the universe as we know it and about a wild rubber fish... toy. »

August 08, 2004
The lush experience of preowned luxury as seen in the context of a garden state of mind, on a weekend bathed in a gilded kind of light. The place is not very far from here. And little parts of it are even right here, right now. Observe, listen, smell. Do you sense how it feels to experience what at some point used to be the cutting edge of cutting edges? How deep do we have to dive to touch the golden floor of this pool of freshly filtered water? What if the windows of your home were not supposed to open. What if the view of the city were just the very tiny tip of a far away tower? Luxury is a very special, well groomed, golden garden state of mind.