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June 25, 2004
They will just completely disappear... these things we still call computers in one way or another...

And computers will disappear. The screens will disappear. The keyboards will disappear as well. Some of them will. Or at least they will pretend that they will.
And they will be everywhere. Once it becomes as cheap to make a surface intelligent as it is goign to be to add a coat of paint, then… well, actually much earlier than that… they will just blend in, will be worn, will be inhaled, injected, looked through and with and at unintentionally.
We take information for granted. We take music for granted. We take light for granted. We take heat and cool air for granted. We take transportation for granted. We take color for granted.
And we will take computers for granted. They will become the surface and the subsurface of whatever will be around us and on us and in us…
and it is not going to matter too much…
Stating the obvious here… next…


I would love to read a novel written by you.


Posted by: Emily on June 25, 2004 06:51 PM
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