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June 24, 2004
A very strange entry written on a Palm Pilot, connected via Bluetooth to a PowerBook, as a little victory over little digital devices.

Very silly entry this is. I had to start this one in yodaEnglish, bacause I really feel as if I were celebrating my newly discovered ability to touch my left ear with the little toe of my right foot.
I look ridiculous right now. I at a tiny foldable keyboard, to which I connected that Tungsten T3 I have been obsessing with for the last few weeks now. I am writing this entry into a really tiny entryfield that does not even have such luxury like a scroll bar. The screen I am typing this here on has a resolution of 320×480 (I wish 480 were the width, but I would need a different keyboard for that.)
The ridiculous part is that it took me several days to get this little devil connected to the web. I still am not quite sure how I managed…
Well, my connection to the internet is established via Bluetooth, a little Personal Network, through which I am communicating with my PowerBook, which is connected to the internet via a hub, which gets its network IP addresses from an Airport Station, not really utilized otherwise in this particular excercise.
So imagine me, the little Palm setup on a wacom tablet, in front of a 20inch flat LCD, with lights blinking, staring at the tiniest screen available in the house.
I must be insane.
I crawled into a tiny hole and am using a wire remote to make donuts on the parking lot… oh boy…
But hey, the cute part is that I managed to connect the toys and that I think that the site does not look half bad when seen through the eye of a Palm Handheld device… Somebody please pinch me… I should be drawing… not surfing in a puddle… ; )
(If you can read this, then I managed to actually post the entry as well, which is pretty amazing…) …


wow and i can leave comments too?

Posted by: witold on June 24, 2004 10:51 PM

...and the letters don't look any worse for the wear.

Posted by: jer on June 25, 2004 07:11 AM

...Maybe you should write the novel emplying only yr' Palm™

Posted by: Emily on June 25, 2004 06:54 PM
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