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March 13, 2004

They were all facing in the same direction. They shared the address. They had a similar view of the outside world. They used the same trains, they drank the same water, the same sun was there for them. When it would rain, all of their windows would become wet. They could all see the same clouds. None of them was able to see the stars at night, but there were signs, messages, exciting things to see…
They were all right next to each other. They would find their places every single morning. They would use the same elevators to get to their little rooms…

And yet their minds were working on the opposite ends of a spectrum at times.
So close to each other… and yet so very different at times.
Maybe if their windows touched, maybe they possibly shared some of the experiences… but a floor? Two floors? Seven floors? 13 floors apart?
How many of them knew which office was empty? How many of them knew that they happened to like their assigned plant in the exactly same position as somebody else? What were the chances that they would ever find out?…

Is there a larger mind that can penetrate concrete and steel? Could there be patterns of synchronized emotions and thinking that would be very clear if observed from the outside, yet completely hidden from those actually thinking?
What if their thoughts were synchronized into patterns, without them being aware of it… in a sense they were… all facing in the same direction. Sharing the address. Having similar views of the outside world. Using the same trains, drinking the same water, lowering their shades to hide from the same sun. Looking at the same clouds.
Could there be a mind making them glow from the outside? Were they influencing each other from the inside? Would a tragedy in one window ripple through the floors? Was there a possible glowing that radiated beyond the walls of one little unit into others? Did they sense the empty floors? Or were the empty floors filled with an energy seeping through the cracks, through ceilings and carpets? Was this where they would wait for the next wave to move in and to pick them up? At least those who would allow it to happen?
What were the patterns? What were the patterns…
Did the macro patterns of this structure penetrate the emotional texture of those thinking within it?

What is the distance from which the similarities of particles become more apparent than their differences? Is there such a distance for everything?
And I guess distance is not just physical… and yes, more than time?



One fish is swiming in a big fish tank. Three video cameras watch his every move at three different angles. On the other side of the earth in a department store window a passerby on the street sees three different monitors right next to one another and thinks there are three different fish. Up walks Father Karras from "The Exorcist" and in a calm and assuring voice he tells the passerby there is only one.

Posted by: Stinky on March 13, 2004 04:40 PM

as Father Karras walks away someone taps Stinky on the shoulder and tells him the "jig" is up.
He realizes he must go and bade farewell to the photos of Wit R. its off to the park to feed the skwerls. Aloha.

Posted by: Stinky on March 14, 2004 10:55 PM
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