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March 12, 2004
about now...

and there are moments when I would actually like to be in an airport and wait for a flight and be ready for it, the first flight ever, looking at a giant plane that will take me away to a place I have never seen before and it will be a place which I will not really see until years later when I remember the things I have failed to see because I was young enough to assume that I know much more than I did. and I will look back at that time and i will realize that the further i go into life, the more beautiful it becomes, the more incredible it becomes and that looking back, all events appear to be aligned on a string, one string that somehow made sense… the string put there by my passion, the desire to go on board of a plane for the very first time and to fly to a place which I have never seen before, a place which I…
and… it is time to get ready for a great weekend… armory show is on… is anybody going?…

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