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July 13, 2003
the Jade leaf.

one of the jade plants lost a rather large leaf. The leaf was still a bit attached to the stem when i took it off. The fleshy object was has a sun exposed side which is dark red. Tiny skin scales appear shimmering in silver. The other side of the leaf, what used to be the top, is now a flatter green than when it was alive. There are also silvery flakes on this side. It appears as if there were a red rim around the green leaf. It is the sunny side reaching to the other side.
The leaf contains some water, it is warm and soft. It feels like a part of a living human body.
After several minutes in the shade, the warmth is gone. The softness is now almost spooky.
I will give this leaf back to the soil. Some of them manage to become plants.
I will need to buy more flower pots. I am running out of space.
Some of the plants are growing beyond their proportions.
There are flowers in places I would have never expected.
Thirsty quiet creatures.
Bye bye leaf.

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