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July 13, 2003
books on shelves...

People who do not read sort their few books by size or color. My sorted my mother's books that she had laid out on the floor when writing her master thesis in pedagogics back in Poland. Can you imagine how happy she was, finding her books organized by size, not by ideas? I was little, but I understood very well why she cried.
My mom and I later built a wall of books in the doorway of my dad's darkroom. It was great fun building this thing. Mom was okay that we left the books there, once the wall collapsed.
I remember discovering that out neighbor had layers of books on her shelves. They were deep shelves and she layered books behind books. How was anybody supposed to remember that there was anything behind that first visible layer on the shelf?
We had a whole closet that was just books and books and more books. These seemed to be the titles my parents did not need. (This is where I discovered my first art book, somewhere high up, after building another tower out of maybe three or four chairs.)
I have an entire attic of books at my parents' house in Germany. Boxes and boxes of books.
My little library in New York is actually organized by size and color. I also have several layers of books on my shelves. Does this mean that I do not read perhaps? Hardly. The layout of the apartment only allows me to have a limited amount of shelf-space. In order to shoe-horn the maximum amount of titles, they need to be sorted by size. Then there are the books which can be sacrificed to the power of the incredible sun. Some titles do not mind to be exposed to . Some others would greatly suffer.
Then there are those books I do not want to be reminded of ever buying, like Music to Move the Stars. So now I also have layers, like the neighbor in Poland...
Why did I write all this down, this is pretty embarrassing...
Next entry will be more fun, I'll try...


I. Have. To. Organize. My. Books.

Boxes and boxes and layered disorganized shelves. Drives me insane.

Posted by: Alanna on July 14, 2003 06:08 PM

that's funny - i also organise my books in size, and double stack them. hadn't even thought about it, to be honest; instinct, i guess.

but i too have a very tiny house (essentially one room above a garage), so i cry lack of space. i looooooove to read.

Posted by: d on July 14, 2003 07:25 PM

i don't think it would be possible to organize my books by size or color... i org by theme/purpose/or how much i love them.

however... more and more i feel like books are clutter. why don't i use the library more? why the need to hang on to books? is it a way we try to hang on to ourselves... like a photo album, but displayed in shelves?

Posted by: emdot on July 14, 2003 09:18 PM
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