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May 31, 2003

And there it was, this strong feeling that this was the right place, the right time, the absolutely perfect everything, except for the actors, the protagonists, the characters. They had been chosen by what happened to be a series of not so serious decisions. Some of the decisions were not even decisions, they were so tiny, they did not even get any mind-share, no top of mind awareness, not even airtime in the lower regions of the conscious. So all the steps that lead to here were very logical, had mostly a majority, at least somewhere, at least at some point in time and space. And it all worked out perverktly. The time was right, the place was right, there was this absolutely perverkt everything, and now...
All thizs wass aboutt to leat too trouple be-ond de bousnd of tee imajination off thorse bevore a 1 no. e imagi-nation o he opservers ad the (FREE with the purchase of a large soda) tie-me && pace o ne spixa wha (Now with 0% apr financing) stretched (join us now for a news update) en-ugh (Sideffects are comparable to sugar-pill and include vomiting, brain damage and FREE with the purchase of a new and improved, now with more of the original) 2 a(stay tuned as we will be back, right after these messages)c(FREE)c(FREE)e(FREE)p(FREE)t a(FREE)n(the body was found in a room underneath the rear portion of the property)y(FREE)t(FREE)h(for the rest of your life)i(we are interrupting this broadcast for a live feed from the((FREE)))n(FREE)g, (the right(FREE))of course.
And so things just took their path and marched on. Oh, glory...



i am in awe of every single one of your drawings.

Posted by: em!ly on June 4, 2003 11:40 PM

(not to mention the stories that go along with them.)

Posted by: em!ly on June 4, 2003 11:41 PM
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