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May 31, 2003

and because he (or she or it) was made out of air and water and some other material that came from the universe anyway, he was not only in harmony with the elements, he actually did not even disturb them. He did not turn the on or off, he did not separate a thing, he did not even rest. He left no trace, did not achieve a thing, he just went back to be what he was before he was. It was that simple. There was no monument, there was no book, there was not even a picture of him, not a trace of the one who just became and then became something else, just to later be a completely different idea, made out of some completely different things and ideas and some other stuff that I do not even know of. but because he did not even have a name, a different *** was chosen to be G*d, one that could be grasped in the more linear mind of a man, who not only went on to naming all the animals and things (one after the other, of course) and all the stuff beyond (up to whatever his imagination permitted, of course), but also felt important enough to think that he was, similar to whatever... hmm... I wonder why?...
And they are actually all still here, or maybe not. But just thinking about it is completely superfluos.

(Not actual picture of anything mentioned above... you wish it were that simple.)

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