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April 18, 2003
Moleskine 002 007

Really, really did not want to be there. It was some sort of store, I think. I had walked in because I had to get something silly. There was excitement about the new nasa bed right next to me. There were these silly stinky leaves in a bag in front of me. There was a very annoying mother and daughter behind me, discussing the difference between eggshell, offwhite and ivory. Not the difference about the colors themselves, more about how they will go with the towels, which happen to be almond. Right. I could have just left, just gone to the game-store next door, listen to conversations about the power this one character gets when he is level 20 and drinks this one green potion. I wondered how long I can manage to stay and draw at the bed and towel store.
I managed to draw three exit signs and did not even make it to the right hand page. As I was leaving, the video of a woman jumping up and down on a tv-studio bed with her "husband" sitting next to the exercise, watching a not impressed wine glass placed just a few inches from them was looping for a fifth time. It had been clearly created for people with a shorter attention span than mine.


heeeheeeeeee... "silly stinky leaves"?... you mean potpourri?

3 exit signs... yea, i see, i see!... you really wanted outta there.

Posted by: - s - on April 20, 2003 03:49 PM
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