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April 17, 2003
moleskine 002 006

what are these small objects?, why are there lilies again? Why is there a televison set combined with a VCR? Why would I draw something like this in a subway packed with New Yorkers speeding under broadway and then 7th avenue and then further and further and further, just to come back and carry other people in the other direction? Hmm. What are these small objects. What are they really? And how small are they really? Are they the beginnings of something? Or are they the last stages of something? Maybe just a transitional state. A station in the lifecycle of something. They might be a short victory of what we think is something we understand. They will probably move on, soon, maybe they have moved on, already, to something that makes them look and feel very different. Maybe they are no longer even recognizable for us as what they were... but particles of them, as much as those of the flowers, remain. They are here to stay. And maybe some day again as something that we can give a name...
As for the VCR... maybe a similar train of thought.

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