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September 06, 2002
Happy 5763

5763 is here. At least according to the Jewish calendar. 5763... years of continous awareness of being the chosen ones. I have the feeling that this makes the Jews the longest running sustained, self aware culture around? Could this be? I mean being “on Broadway” for 5763 uninterrupted, somehow recorded years is a bit beyond the usual expectations. Just to give ourselves some perspective... when the Jewish Calendar was on 2002, or as far away from year “one” as we now are from Roman Times, the year, according to the Gregorian calendar was 1759 B.C. This also means that we will write 5763 in 1759 years (7765 will be the year on the Jewish Calendar), Dave... and if we keep going at the pace we are going now, I am not quite sure if there will be anybody left to actually write the year on anything, anywhere. : o
Osama Bin Laden will be gone by then though. As will be Saddam. If that’s in any way comforting to anyone.

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