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September 07, 2002
The New ChrisDiClerico.com Blog

this is witold
If only I knew how to properly HTML, you would see a speech-bubble over my head and in the bubble would be this announcement that Chris DiClerico has reignited his blog big time and that not only did he make it so much more fun than many other solo-blogs by letting his friends blog thre too, (me too!) he also made everything look very, very cool. You should definitely check it out. Chris made these little picture portraits of his friends, you can zoom in on them.. all this really neat stuff.
Oh, and I think the things I will post on Chrisí blog, will probably be sly different than what I write here. Youíll see... ;)


his pixel people are veeerrrrrrrrrry clever.

Posted by: em!ly on September 7, 2002 11:02 AM

Thank you em!ly. I will try to update my blog, and pixel people more often than usual, so please check back...

Posted by: chris on September 7, 2002 07:24 PM
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