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August 05, 2002
Wild things will happen in San Francisco.

If all goes well, some of you in San Francisco will soon be able to buy some of the work you can see on the site. (Or similar things, since most of the thngs you see here is not really for sale). And actually, you will just be allowed to steal it, if you want. Seriously. I hope I will be able to be one of the participating artists at the following event: Wild Posting. The event will take place from August 25th through September 1st. I ill probably add a little more information to this post here later on, but if you just follow the link, the whole process is explained. (There is also a call for entries. Hope you listened to Joseph Beuys )
Thank you for this link too, Em!ly. (And also, thank you Steven.)


"...and it is the debased concept of art that has forced museums into their present weak and isolated position..."

without a doubt.

and still there are "guerilla" artists who wear gorilla masks (not naming names, of course) so that they can gain "naughty" street cred but are hidden whilst doing so (kkk anyone) so that galleries will still accept them un-masked.

shame shame.

wild postings, however...good juju.

Posted by: em!ly on August 6, 2002 02:58 AM
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