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August 05, 2002
A $247,500.00 couch, sort of.

Hmm, iíve just received a link to this picture of a Couch made out of old Macintosh IIfx machines. (the picture is hosted on Cory Doctorow's site, which is definitely worth a visit.) According to my calculations, the couch is now worth about $2000 which is still a serious amount of money for this object with no cushions. Had the designer bought the new mac fx (code names: F-16, F-19, Stealth, Blackbird, Zone 5) machines in March 1990 at $9,900.-, their original issue price... the cost of the object, before assembly would have been... $247,500.00
This is the nerdiest post this blog will ever see. Please come back soon for more relaxed programming, while I go and change my pocket protector. Thank you for the link, Em!ly.


no thank steven for the link, thank you steven.

Posted by: em!ly on August 5, 2002 09:09 PM
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