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January 31, 2002
Hmm, this thing about friends.

Hmm, this thing about friends. They are the ones we trust. And they are also the ones who¹s judgment we trust. Sometimes forgetting what their experience is, what their background is. We let down our guard and *bam*, here comes advice, or a comment, or some remark. Some of it is good. Some friends really know what is going on with our lives, they truly care. But it might just sometimes happen that a person who gives the advice just does not know enough about the circumstances, or life, or both, to say the right thing. Sometimes a friend is hurt, or maybe just preoccupied with other events. So the advice turns into a sharp and poisonous object. And because we receive it with our guard down, it hurts much more than coming from another person. And the pain lasts longer too.
Life is difficult. If is not easy to live. It might be easier for some and tougher for others, but all in all, it is not easy. And because of that we should always assume that the other person could be hurt by what we say, or at least thrown off their track. Writing is worse than saying things, but a conversation under friends is a very intimate setting, almost like writing.
One needs to recognize these things and be very careful. One also needs to have the wisdom to see as many of the factors involved as possible and to take words for their true meaning. Some "friends" want to be hurtful, or even need to be, in order to heal their own wounds. Fighting back leads only to escalation. Hmm... This was a very strange evening. Very strange.
Not very happy.

There are new images in the 600x250 gallery. And there is a search function on the site now. The search field is placed on this page only for now.
I was thinking about starting "Poly-Blogs" on the site. Blog based conversations about various topics. Stay tuned.
It is raining in New York. I realized today that the Subway station on 23rd street was built 1918.
Have a great day.

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