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February 01, 2002
Certain thin layers of the

Certain thin layers of the web seem to be what some of us hoped it could be. There seems to be a vast amount of people who use the internet beyond e commerce shopping sprees and who actually leave a mark, a personal mark on the web. I joined WebLoggers today, just to see where it would put me on the web logging ring. Hmm, I wonder how long I am going to stay with webloggers, but for now, maybe for the next week or so, it feels perfectly fine to be part of a ring that starts with somebody who called their blog prostitute laundry. Hmm. Ok, maybe I will not stay for a week.

There are little Gems out there on the web and they are not necessarily all flash and blinking and playing unwanted music. Some are very hidden and quiet and just purely sweet. I think my favorite right now is this sweetest 404 page of them all. It made me warm and happy inside. It feels good to lose direction sometimes. it is sometimes good not to be efficient and not all that planned. It is sometimes a really good thing to just leave the path. So good.
As long as there are 404 pages as beautiful as the one on kochanie.org, there is hope that the web will be just fine. Thank you, kochanie.

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