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The bridge to everything (2018–2021)

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“Love is the bridge between you and everything” is one of my favorite Rumi quotes. No emotion connects us to the universe and to other beings as much as love does. Once we love someone or something an entire system is activated within us to help us get a better understanding of the other, to be closer to it, to open oneself to them or it. We realize the connection, the interconnectedness, the beauty in what was previously not revealed to us.
This series of images is based on a single skype conversation I had with my partner a few years ago. We were separated by many incredible obstacles, visible and invisible. Yet against all odds, we seemed to have to be able to cover every topic in that conversation and we also seemed to be able to cover the entire range of human emotions. Just as the zen monk who can’t grasp a fleeting moment until he starts to draw it, I began to capture screenshots of our fleeting, simple but also profound conversation.

With the help of AI I was able to then remove the recognizable image of my partner and create more universal images that allow to the viewer to project their own emotions onto the moment we had, giving the viewer an opportunity to build their own bridge. (Even if only a few will)

London, May 2021

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