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a beautiful place here now Mar 11, 2024   Consciousness, Thoughts

when the house is beautiful, then the thoughts within can become more beautiful. even if the house is itself a thought, or an imagined edifice.
every house and everything we have ever created began as a thought, or as a perceived thought. a dip into the giant explosion of the universe which we are still experiencing. the thoughts of rearranging something to fit a new shape come again and again. they can become muscle memory, they can become machine memory.
we can walk to them, to find them. we can also drive or fly or just get to them somehow.
when the house is beautiful and the place is beautiful then it is because someone dared to have ideas and words and lines of a drawing. and what makes the beauty? it is a connection of the thoughts that became the building and the thoughts that are now inspired by it. perhaps other thoughts and ideas and pictures came from that house and here we are sensing a certain harmony with those who have created before us.
and so whenever with a thought, whenever with a word, whenever with a pencil or pen or brush. there is a chance to create something that will resonate with someone long after our bodies have turned to dust.
the dust from which we have emerged somehow. to carry the ideas, the thoughts, the words, the drawings and paintings and music and dance even.
what a sweet idea that it is possible to dance with those who will be here generations after us. what an idea to write words that will be one day turned into an inner voice of a stranger who otherwise could have not even known we existed, at some point, somewhere. perhaps surrounded by all kinds of things.

every word i use is one that someone else turned into meaning some time ago.
and everything i write has the potential to be turned into meaning by someone.

it’s all the universe speaking to itself really, in so many ways, endless ways

when the place is beautiful, then the thoughts also have a better chance to become beautiful. so it is worth seeking beautiful places and beautiful thoughts and beautiful houses, to then encounter others seeking the same.
no matter in which reality somehow.

how lucky to be here now

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