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Just a side note Jan 11, 2024   Observations, Thoughts

This is just a side note. As I was about to turn off this big screen here, I came across a small note from a very old friend. He commented on a picture I took almost 20 years ago. And he commented then.

It did not take long until I was able to find a path back to him. There he was; just four days ago. There he was; through drawings, somehow related to what I have been drawing, but with such mastery and love.
The algorithm doesn’t allow me to “follow” him on instagram. “to protect the community”, the pop-up says.
But it is okay. I will probably try to speak with him in the coming days.

Speaking with people seems to work wonders somehow. Without a video feed even. It makes it easier for the other person to be inside of me when they speak. And I can probably be closer to them when I do. Letters are maybe even better. As we read them with our own inner voice.

This artificial universe is expanding at an incredible pace. It is feeling quieter and quieter for some of us. And it is probably incredibly bright and alive for others.
Which place is better, it’s hard to tell.

I look at pictures of myself from almost two decades ago and I can see a man who was much older than me, yet emptier at the same time. Not necessarily a vessel, ready to receive, just at ease with an odd emptiness. I think I have traded it for something else now.

I feel much more connected to the larger flow of the expanse. The many aspects of this provide both weight and lift.

This journey is strangely complicated and strangely simple. It is both painful and full of bliss. And it is astounding how I am still here after all the strange experiences.

Many friends now travel all the way to the edge of life and death. And some do not return. Though it doesn’t mean they are ever gone, of course.
They reappear in everything and everywhere. It’s all a miracle really.


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