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Impermanence in impermanence May 31, 2018   Thoughts

Every person, every living thing, every object, and even what we might not consider as anything; Everything is a transitional state of the “universe”. Including yourself, of course, and me too. We are under the illusion that what we are looking at is the outcome of a transformation, while it is actually the transformation itself that is here. Motion of motion.

Yes, a tree of ancestors behind us exists, but we are also the particles that are going to be looked at as the past quite soon. Now?

These words are not going to age well, because words don’t age well. Nothing ages well.

Forces of transformation are the beauty of everything.

We actually admire the various speeds of decay.

But everything is impermanent.

(Including the expression “impermanence”)

But that’s the beauty of it.

As we look at the scale of everything that surrounds us, we can almost pick the speed at which it is all to transform into a new shape of things.

How lucky is the mayfly. It can be almost certain that the world is not going to explode around it. Do you envy a tree as it watches the idiocy of the more mobile species? We feel sorry for anything we can’t comprehend, because we have grown to be this way.

Those who are able to see the interconnectedness and impermanence of everything have nothing to fear.

A smile is the symbol of transience.

But every word of the previous sentence is eventually going to find a new meaning, or lose it.

Be. Here. Now.



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