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A gentle wrinkle in the icing… Oct 5, 2014  

It was a beautiful day. And the day before today was pretty good as well.

Who would have thought that there could be eagles in the park, and hawks and falcons and owls. And who could have anticipated that a member of the Terracotta Army could show up in the sandbox on the balcony, ready to be discovered. Who could have ever anticipated that?

Well, I actually buried the figure of the man in the sand, before 5am on Saturday. And he was “discovered” maybe 14 hours later. It happened without fanfare. No ideas were harmed, and the results will probably show up years from now; maybe not. I have nothing to do with the birds in the park.

Just wondered if the new rental building a few blocks form here could have hd something to do with the birds. It is named after a bird. And it is priced as if the neighborhood here were in Manhattan. It is not. The St. Emilion I opened today was probably not so bad when it was going into the bottle in 2005. As 2005 was a wonderful year for bordeaux. But the particular bottle I opened has not survived the last nine years so well. And if this were a restaurant, it would probably ned to go back. But this here is not a restaurant either.

The tea has been one of the most enjoyable little moments of the day. I seem to have one and then a second one about an hour later, maybe one two hours after that. It is quite luxurious to do such a thing. But it keeps the spirits in a good spot. I enjoy matcha so much. Thought I am not Japanese.

Many things are not quite as what they appear to be these days. A certain level of cheeky change of direction seems to come with everything I see or do. I wish this were always just funny, or fun, or happily surprising. But it is not always. In many cases certain things can get a bit irritating, and it is fascinating to see how my mind deals with that. I must have taught myself to sail quite well through even medium sized waves of fortune or misfortune. I seem to be able to keep the course. Steer away from odd cliffs.

And that’s pretty much all one could really wish for. A certain calmness and just open arms to whatever happens in any way it chooses to happen. Then the eagles in the park are as wonderful as the Terracotta Army man in the sand. And even the clouds on Saturday morning, and the good wine gone bad.

All of it is obviously like a gentle wrinkle in the icing of a luxurious cake. A privileged object somehow.

Happiness and time put together can create some of the most amazing experiences.

I probably should stop writing and sleep though.

Probably should sleep.


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