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Passing by… Sep 12, 2014   Brooklyn, NYC, Observations

It is enjoyable to use that not very well documented sense of location awareness to float through the apartment with eyes almost closed, in the middle of the night. The moon does make things easier, of course, and so do all the little lights and sounds around the apartment. The electricity comes officially from wind power here. So I guess it is okay, that the television set has been on standby for years.

The window in the living room is slightly open, and the temperature could not be more perfect. It is about 20˚C, and I actually remember that moment when I first felt that very temperature. And I remember thinking that it was perfect.

It would be nice to sleep. But this here is probably the next best thing. Gentle sounds made by the keyboard of the laptop are something that will probably at some point feel like something completely nostalgic. How much longer will there be mechanical keyboards on devices used to record personal experiences? And that clacking sound? Oh, the mechanics.

The city night has its own set of noises. New York is obviously not completely asleep. The many machines still make noise at night, the sirens are audible from many blocks away, for no reason, and the cars use combustion engines. The explosions in their cylinders create a very specific growl.

It must have been fascinating when all the sounds were not here. And when the space where I am sitting now was just a tiny ball of air about ten floors above the ground. The temperatures must have been different, and not just because of climate change, but because there were trees here, and some of them quite magnificent.

Animals were making sounds. Many.

A few years from now, or decades, the noises outside will change again. Combustion engines will probably be fewer, and it is likely that some other noises will give way to something else. Not sure what is going to happen to the birds. There are so few of them out there already. This kind of world is not exactly nice for them. Will there be some new kinds of insects? Or maybe there will be drones flying through the air, planting silly messages?

Someone else will be sitting in the very spot I am in right now. It could even be me, just an older version of me. And it would be quite funny if that person then somehow discovered this little note here, and if they were to smile at it. Comparing the noises they will hear to what is here now.

I should close this computer now. I should try to simply rest a bit. It is always such a good idea to just let things flow through the mind. It is such a simple concept, and yet so difficult to achieve sometimes.

Well, it’s definitely worth a try…


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