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Bill Cunningham hunting… Jun 20, 2013   NYC, Photography

New York (Bill Cunningham) 2013

So excited I finally got to see Bill Cunningham in the street, actually looking for a shot, and I happened to be there with the camera and happened to actually take the picture. And what unusual and ironic windows at Louis Vuitton. I feel like it will be years before I will get a chance to take a photo like this again. Maybe never again. I only had one shot. Just seconds later he was gone. He is a real hero. Wow.

I was crossing on the other side of the street and noticed him. The light changed and I paced myself to be able to get my one shot of him. I got what we have here. And as I turned around he was already mounting his bike. Seconds later he was gone. I leaned against the glass wall of the Louis Vuitton store and checked my camera. Everything seemed to be okay. I took a picture of the display and sent it to a friend or maybe two. What an exciting special moment. A really rare opportunity. Or maybe I should get out of the house more. But Bill Cunningham is so excellent. I don’t think I will be able to ever capture him like this again. And Louis Vuitton would certianly not put a skeleton of a T-Rex in their window for me.

I do need to get out of the house more. And I don’t mean to go to the airport or an office.


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