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important moments invisible to the larger universe of events Dec 16, 2007   Observations

there is a storm hitting the windows right now. the sky is a dark white, yellowish, sounding like sheets of steel tin bouncing against the sparks of a large bonfire. the newspaper just landed outside of my door. saw my parents yesterday. showed them around the apartment. they looked very happy. i helped my father with his mac a little bit. we looked at their neighborhood from space, we also looked a bit at ours. oh, and we did not really leave the house. their new imac arrived and even though there were some challenges with the power management in the room where my father installed the computer at first, we eventually managed to install leopard, the new operating system and we managed to power up the little cameras above our screens. it was great. no, it was beyond great. it was one of those moments that feel like the end of something and the beginning of something else. my uncle in poland asked if i could install skype on my parents’ machine. he also now has a camera placed on top of his monitor in the room to which i was first brought from the hospital about 38 years ago when not many of us were thinking about live personal transmissions and computers and any of that. there were still storms, of course. the sky would turn a dark white sometimes. and the room in which i am writing this existed already as well. soon the sun will rise again. and then it is going to set. without ever doing either.


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