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About my drawings Nov 27, 2002  

Many of my drawings generally start with little clusters of information; one could call them nuclei, beginnings. I place them on a page or canvas and then let the drawing grow from them and around them. Some drawings are finished right where they were started, or months and years later, or never. I can sometimes pick up a little element of an object or impression of it and then transform it into a series of pages while moving to a different place, a different country, from season to season, year to year. Sometimes the nuclei are little snippets of conversations I hear somewhere or maybe elements of advertisements or elements of particles in motion. They can also be design elements of someone’s clothing or just the strokes of the pen against the page caused by a rocking motion of a mode of transportation I happen to be on. The drawings take a certain time to complete and one drawing can take several journeys to find its final form.

All drawings are a dialogue with the consciousness of the planet. They are a meeting point of materials and moments and thoughts. They adapt to circumstances and they grow and change as they need to.

I leave room for the viewer to interpret the interconnectedness of the lines and objects and colors. My work is completed by the viewer and their emotion when they open themselves to the energy of the work.

Originally written in
New York City, November 2002
edited in
London, December 2020


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