Contacting and “Following” the Actual Person

Sending an email to witoldriedel [at] me [dot] com might be the easiest way to contact Witold.

Many other websites show a more chronological process of discovery and creation. Some of the sites are more “live” than others. Each plays a certain role.

A more raw and chronological process of photographic discovery can be best seen on Flickr where tens of thousands of Witold’s photographs are now stored, with about two thousand visible at any time. 

The WitoldRiedel Instagram Feed is where something akin to a live feed happens. It is a raw and rough space for image placement.

“Views Of My Tea” is a feed that shows a project in progress.

Witold is obviously active on Twitter.

Curated web content can be seen as a more or less live stream on Tumblr.

A slightly more compartmentalized version of web content curation is visible on Pinterest 

As far as social networks go, the preferred one today is Ello

To be continued…