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witoldriedel.jpgWitold Riedel was born in the region of Silesia, near Katowice. He fled what was then communist Poland at the age of 11, just before the martial law was declared. And because many of his ancestors were German, he was able to become a German citizen. He spent about 15 years near Frankfurt. He studied Visual Communication, with a focus on Film and New Media at the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG). He currently lives in New York.


Commercial Career:
Witold began as a designer and later educator for various television stations in Germany. He eventually joined TRUST, the most advanced Communications Agency in Germany in the early 90s. Witold became a member of the newly established INSTANT Media Lab, where he collaborated on a variety of projects with major international brands and individuals. In 1995, after completing a year of work at a school for disabled children and the Goethe Institute, Witold left Germany and moved to New York City.

He founded the art department of the BMG distributed labels Popular Records, Radical Records and Submarine Records. Witold is an important contributor to the visual language of Electronic music.

Towards the end of the 90s Witold joined Organic, a pioneering digital agency, where he was a Creative Director. In 2002 he was brought in by Ogilvy & Mather to create digital work, mainly for IBM. After leaving Ogilvy for less than a year, Witold came back to become a Creative Director for a range of important international brands. In 2009 he was selected to become the Worldwide Creative Director for Siemens at Ogilvy. In that role he created one of the most complex multi-local advertising campaigns in the world. His ability to bridge cultural differences and understand the sensitivities of various cultures enabled him to create a communications programm that adapted to the local sensitivities of markets and yet remained true to the character of the master brand. Witold established the idea of authenticity and documentary storytelling in all of the communication. Because of this then revolutionary approach, he created an unprecedented level of freedom for the documentary filmmakers, photographers and other creative professionals working with him on the campaign. The program not only changed the way a lot of advertising is presently developed, it was also quite successful commercially and won many creative and strategic awards. Witold developed work hands on with teams in the United States, China, Germany, UAE, Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico. But the work has been tailored and adopted to over 190 countries.

Witold is a consultant, specializing in high-level creative strategy and global cultural diplomacy, as well as multi-local communicaiton across all media channels. He is a founder of the global communications consultancy Tea & Water Ltd., a partnership designed to deliver best in class creative strategy and execution for global projects of any size. The firm specializes in sustainable and socially responsible businesses and non-profits. 

Creativity on all levels:
Throughout his entire commercial career and even long before, Witold has been a relentless creator and explorer of a range of creative expressions. Passionate about photography, he is not only a supporter of the medium, but an avid, active practitioner. He draws, mostly with ink on paper, and uses that medium to also better understand the interconnectedness of things. His writing style is, as his other forms of creative expression, known for containing a certain level of mystery and the inexplicable. 

The work has been published and exhibited internationally.

In his personal work, Witold is interested in the complete interconnectedness of ideas and matter, the things that make everything part of a larger idea, and that a part of what we perceive as the universe. He is interested in the differences and similarities of things and ideas on a micro and macro level. He likes to observe the fragility and impermanence of everything, as well the the variation of speeds and scales of those processes.

This area of witoldriedel.com contains a small portion of the work WItold has created for himself recently as part of the personal explorations and projects. Many of the projects are truly works in progress; and so on all levels. 

Everything is bound to change.

Kensington, Brooklyn, NY July 2014

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