About the Actual Person

witoldriedel in studio.jpg

I was born in 1969 in a heavily polluted industrial city in Silesia, when Poland was a communist country. My parents and I escaped to West Germany in 1981.

I had to quickly learn several languages and also a completely new societal system. I adapted and assimilated. In 1989 I began to study Visual Communication at the HfG in Offenbach. But I had to earn a living and started working in advertising, tv, design, and whatever was digital. This transformation took me to New York in 1996 and London in 2019, and literally around the world again and again for years. This is how I met partners and friends whose cultures I admire and strive to comprehend.

While working in marketing, I focussed as much as possible on the idea of positive impact. (It’s important because marketing is complicit in the destruction of our planet.) I managed to create work that has changed some things for the better. (Or so I was told.) And throughout all of this time I have been slowly discovering and developing my personal art practice.

Because of my life experience that bridges cultures, social systems and great physical distances, I have always been most interested in how I personally process my and our planet’s consciousness.

For my entire life I have had to enter closed systems and had to learn how to understand them and assimilate to them. I am a perpetual immigrant. Perhaps that’s why I am so interested in the interconnectedness, the root of everything we perceive as reality. Everything is interconnected and dependent to everything else.

Much of my work observes patterns that result from a balance achieved even under adverse circumstances. I am fascinated by how nature adapts and how everything we create either adapts or breaks. I am fascinated by how we adapt.

I draw, paint, photograph and write. I observe what seems to be similar and discover that it isn’t. I observe what seems different and discover that it isn’t.

My thinking and methods links me to art’s ancient purpose. What I do makes it possible to summon and connect to a higher force. I work similarly to many before me, around the world, sometimes since before they realized to be human.
Everything is interconnected.
Everything is in balance.
Everything is destined to change.

Written at Exmouth House, London, October 2020

Photo of me above was taken by
Tony Brand, at the studio/office on Exmouth Market