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December 26, 2008
sun, 50% off. the sun was on sale this morning, about 50% off. the sky looked like it was up side down, the clouds like orange juice infused shaving cream. now we are milky again, colors have been recalled. it is hot inside but outside it must be just the right temperature for the season. cold. everything is cheaper now. everywhere. for the rest of the year. all the gifts returned to the stores are even cheaper. some are worthless. some are hated. some are just painful reminders that having stuff this year might feel wrong. maybe. maybe it is not so. maybe it is good to have more stuff. more informed matter. because that's what it is, no? i think villem flusser was the one describing objects as matter with information pushed into them. informed matter. stuff. it all goes away eventually. no it does not. it just forgets. stuff forgets. it forgets the information it was given at some point. then it becomes raw material again. new worth can be applied to it. or something like that. then there is hope. and change. and growth. and life. life is tricky. it is like self propelled information in stuff. sometimes it becomes so eager to live that it manages to almost kill itself. 50% off. from now until the end of the year. the sun seems to be 75% off now. but it is not really. it just seems like it. because i happen to be in the cold season, in the morning of a now cloudy day. i think it might be a good idea to get rid of some of the piles here in my office, or studio, or that room with the computer? i don't know. not this year anyway.