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November 15, 2008
where do they go? The clouds are in a rush this morning. As if the fog earlier had somehow created this urgency, as if some catching up were to do now. pigeons look as if they had real fun with this kind of wind. the wings adjusted to just the right angle, the birds can enjoy not just incredible speeds, but apparently the thrill of indescribable mid air acceleration. recently saw one of them almost hit the building again and again, at higher and higher speeds. the seagulls are very relaxed in mid air right now. here. and i can see jfk again. it was gone for the first several hours of my awake day. now i.m.pei's tower sticks out of the horizon like a cubist flower. so when the tourist rears his head, where do they go? JFK. I take it all back. here comes the rain. all of flatbush gone. water pouring down. The fall is too beautiful to be shoehorned into words.