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September 15, 2008
space, the first backyard. two english muffins and a bowl of matcha at sunrise. the air warm and in motion, short bursts of motion. then the sun marches up and on. the lime trea seems to have survived last week's radical defoliation. there will be more leaves now. smaller, yet stronger. jade trees will need to come indoors in probably a month. the mother tree is now down to five individual plants and it might be time to separate them. i should probably take the f train all the way to rockefeller center this morning. walking to the office by the lehman brothers building will most likely be a strange passage. perhaps i should not do that. perhaps it is not a good thing to do. when tearing out lives from the neighborhood, will the ecosystem fail as well? will the shirt shop disappear? will the sushi restaurant have no clients? no more golden investment tips overheard at lunch? in the evenings there will be fewer bicycles of delivery guys tied to the tree on 49th street? as much as a tree can revive itself to bring back leaves, and as much as the air fills a gap opened by low pressure, things will stabilize somehow in some way at some point. are we flies or are we trees?, mushrooms? mold? it is such a luxury to be able to let the world pass through one's mind as if it were the dream of a larger self. the world is as complex as the filter that it is seen through. dave recently mentioned two sayings. "a bear has many stories, but they are all about bears." and "when you have a hammer, all solutions look like nails." i think i can see space from here. i wonder if it makes me an astronaut? and the world peoples on.