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August 08, 2008
infinitely infinite... the insanely wired lemon tree is seemingly doing okay. it used to be a soft stick i turned into an arch using aluminum wire. the pot in which it is sitting is an old discarded wooden bowl, somewhere from south east asia. i drilled a hole into the bottom of it, planted the stick, bent it. it seems to be doing okay. it is not bonsai by any means, there is something beautiful about the little plant though. it has so many leaves now. i will need to remove the wire before the bark begins to embrace it. a tree in a wooden bowl shifting into a new shape somehow suggested by me when it used to be a little stick. after i grew it out of a lemon pit which i fished out of my salad. we have a very odd relationship. the little plant will probably outlive me if things go well. and in about 18 years or so, perhaps the little tree will make new lemons. so now what is going to survive? the tree? i? the idea of the tree? perhaps something else. certainly something else.