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July 18, 2008
ice cream for breakfast. the day tasted freshly ground. the kind that is turned to the lightest powder between age old stones. i thanked the guys for laughing at my stupidest jokes. i know it is not fair somehow. they still do. it is very nice of them. it is going to be good when we are gone for two weeks. no stupid jokes. the water evaporates from the plants so quickly, it feels as if i were watering some dying weeds on the side of the road. the wild flowers might as well be weeds. their flower heads are tiny and rare and... i still like them. when we will be gone for a week, the pigeons will have to learn to use the watering can. i could take all of the plants in, leave the air conditioning on, put things in buckets and then deal with all the animals later. no. not a good idea. very much looking forward to lake louise now.