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July 02, 2008
a gentle two days. it felt very different to have the camera pointed at me yesterday. and i do not know what i ended up saying. i just don't. now i am worried that i looked really dumb. it is okay. somehow. the shoot today was rather excellent. i am much more comfortable sitting somewhere near a monitor, far away from the camera, able to trust an excellent crew... we shot at this beautiful house in ditmas park. it was somehow magical. the air was fragrant, somehow sparkling with goodness and brilliance. it is so amazing to be in a house that carries such good karma. so good. it felt very special to see three of my little pieces on really good walls inside of the house. i can not even describe how special it felt. a great, gentle house, filled with a real soul, with brilliant and good people living in it, and then these tiny translucent slices of my life somehow interwoven into this fabric; a picture of the bear from that very big trip with my father; two drawings i like so much... wow. and i was able to visit the house by scooter. on my way there i saw bryan's bike parked in front of his building. are these all little pieces of a puzzle that are assembling themselves into the picture i will see when i look back at my life and smile? what a day.